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Our passions move us in many directions. Anticipate the twists and turns. Sprint past the bumps in the road. Find more versatile design solutions with weather-enduring, comfort-adding, flex-enhancing Susterra®—the bio-based polyurethane ingredient that brings material innovation to the products you love.

Susterra propanediol for footwear polyurethane applications

Add more “I think I’ll walk” to the world around you. Turn unfamiliar territory into common ground. Take footwear design a step further, and find the point where positive change, flexibility and durability finally meet.


Susterra propanediol for waterproof breathable membrane applications

Make plans despite the weather. Arrive at apparel solutions that stretch with your imagination while adding waterproof and breathable functionality—just in case the rain returns sooner than expected.

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Susterra propanediol for gear polyurethane applications

Add sustainable performance to the things that power your “me time.” However you get away from the hubbub—whether you’re hitting the trails or just enjoying the fresh air—travel lightly with confidence in your accessories.


Reliable, renewable performance makes the road to a finished application less rocky for designers. So pick a destination, anywhere, and we’ll help you find a smarter, greener way to get there.


At full capacity, our process saves enough nonrenewable energy to power 1.3 million 100w incandescent lightbulbs for one year and reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 36,000 passenger cars from the road for one year.

How we do it

Susterra propanediol news and press releases

New and newsworthy

Take a look into the community of designers, brands and businesses that share our vision, along with articles and media coverage from around the world.

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Susterra propanediol garment hangtag request

What’s inside counts

Stand out from the petroleum-reliant crowd. Show your customers the attention to detail that goes into each of your bio-based, high-performance designs.

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From harvesting and fermentation, all the way to final refinement, each step in our production process makes a world of difference—one where renewable, plant-based power keeps people on the move without slowing down the rapid pace of style and design. Sustainability isn’t a fad. Our future depends on it.

A single ingredient made from nature.

See the science behind Susterra®. Take a closer look at how one ingredient made from nature can add a multitude of sustainable and high-performing design solutions to your design kit.

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